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Advance Photoshop For Beginners From Scratch To Expert Course

Photoshop Course From Scratch
Advance Photoshop For Beginners From Scratch To Expert Course 

Photoshop For Beginners: From Scratch To Expert


  • Before beginning this class the student must be familiar with the use of computers
  • Must have artistic skills and creativity.


You will learn how to use Photoshop step by step as a professional editor. This course will help you to gradually master the art of photo adjusting images, retouching and making designs in a clear, simple and fun way.
Master graphic design and photographic manipulation from the basics to advance of Photoshop use.

  • Learn how to remove wrinkles, blemishes and objects from photographs
  • Light, shadow, contrast and colour correction manipulation
  • Design wonderful photo-montages
  • Draw and colour like a pro
  • Save time by automating tasks
  • Create stunning print designs
  • Design web templates
  • Work with Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw 

This course gives you the knowledge and skills of a professional editor and designer at your fingertips.

This material has been conceived as a definitive guide, that takes you from being a beginner to becoming a Photoshop’s expert gradually. At the top of this course, you’ll work confidently as picture retouches, graphic and web template designer.

Did you know that Photoshop is that the most used program within the graphic world?

Photoshop will open doors for you to figure on other programs like animation, 3D textures, computer graphics, layout, photography, web development, application development, icon design, illustrations and far more.

Content and overview

This course is meant for people that are starting to use Photoshop from scratch, but at an equivalent time don’t accept an easy introduction. Classes start from the fundamentals, gradually continuing to complex themes and with real-world exercises explained step by step.

Each lesson has been designed to be the idea of a subsequent lesson, so you’ll get both knowledge (why of things) and skills (how they’re done). All this, at a novice apprentice‘s rhythm.

This course contains:

  • 32 Themes and more than 130 high-quality video tutorials
  • More than 50 exercises with downloadable resources
  • 3 Designs for printing
  • 2 Web Template Designs
  • More than 6 photo-montages explained step by step
  • All explained in a simple and clear manner

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