HTML and CSS Courses -Team Treehouse

Team Treehouse – HTML and CSS Courses
HTML and CSS Courses -Team Treehouse

Contents -

Team Treehouse - CSS Basic

1. Getting Started with CSS
2. Basic Selectors
3. Understanding Values and Units
4. The Box Model
5. Basic Layout
6. Designing with the Latest Features
7. Fundamental Concepts

Project Files

Team Treehouse - CSS Foundation

1. Introduction
2. Selectors
3. Data Types
4. Text
5. The Box Model
6. Page Layout
7. Printing
8. Framework Foundations

Team Treehouse - CSS Layout Basics

1. Getting Started with CSS Layout
2. Controlling Layout with CSS Display Modes
3. Page Layout with the Float Property
4. CSS Layout Project
5. Positioning Page Content
Project Files

Team Treehouse - CSS Layout Techniques

1. Display Modes
2. Float Layout
3. Positioning Schemes
4. Flexbox Layout
5. Grid Layout
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Team Treehouse - CSS Selectors

1. Selectors – Beyond the Basics
2. Going Further with Attribute Selectors and Pseudo-Classes

Team Treehouse - Modular CSS with Sass

1. Getting Modular with Mixins and Functions
2. Sass and BEM
3. SMACSS and Sass
4. Sass Grid System
5. Modular Media Queries
Project Files

Team Treehouse - SVG Basics 

1. Introduction to SVG
2. SVG and CSS

Team Treehouse (Workshop) - Coding Your First HTML5 Game

1. Tutorials
2. Project Files

Team Treehouse (Workshop) - New Features In CSS Treehouse - HTML Video and Audio

1.Video Tutorial
Project Files

Treehouse - Prototyping With Foundation For Apps

1. Getting to Know Foundation for Apps
2. Grid Layout and UI Components
3. Finishing the Prototype
Project Files

Treehouse - Responsive Images

1. Image Delivery with Srcset and Sizes
2. Art Direction with the Picture Element
Project Files

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