Learn Python Programming in Hindi By Bitten Tech

Python Course By Bitten Tech
Python Course By Bitten Tech Free Download

Python for Beginners - Learn Python Programming in Hindi By Bitten Tech

Course Content

1. Introduction
2. Installation and Setup
3. Introductions and Data Types
4. Variables, Integers and Floating-Point Numbers
5. Introduction to Strings
6. Print formatting and Precision
7. Introduction to Lists
8. Introduction to Tuples
9. Introduction to Dictionaries
10. Introduction to Sets
11. Additional Data Types
12. Comparison and Logical Operators
13. Conditional Statements, Decision Making
14. Looping Constructs
15. Some Useful Functions and Operators
16. Random Library
17. List Comprehensions
18. Introduction to Functions
19. Object-Oriented Programming
20. File Handling
21. Exception Handling
22. Modules and Packages
23. Regular Expressions
24. PROJECT 1 - Hangman
25. PROJECT 2 - Random Password Generator
26. PROJECT 3 - Client Server Chat System using Sockets
27. Conclusion and BONUS MATERIAL

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Python Course in Hindi
Learn Python Language in Hindi
Learn Programming Course in Hindi
Python Course in Hindi Free Download
Learn Python Programming in Hindi
Python Course By Bitten Tech
Learn Python Programming in Hindi By Bitten Tech

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