Social Engineering
Hello there  Social Engineering has always been a strange topic. or it’s misconstrued as a “here’s how you can perform social engineering” tutorial. 
This post is to help individuals have a high-level Understanding Of Social Engineering  and the impact it has on personal and Organizational Security.
This Article will explore techniques for gaining restricted physical access to rooms and buildings for vulnerability assessment and security testing.
let's start,
Before we start we must consider the Appearance in the context of situation.

  • 1st) Dressing - 

dressing formally can help someone gain access to offices and corridors, acquiring a maintenance uniform can help solidify access to server rooms and building facilities, and donning a hospital uniform can aid with access into healthcare facility terminals.

  • 2nd) Confidence - 

Walking with confidence and intent will lessen the likelihood that someone will question the unauthorized presence. Another option is that it is possible – or reasonable to assume – that someone can work covertly with people who already have access to the building.

  • 3rd) Tailgating -

Tailgating is another popular technique used by professionals to gain access to secured buildings. Again, assuming the ‘identity’ – not literally – of someone who is supposed to be there will allow you to do this without suspicion. 
 The unauthorized person has the ability to work within the confines of the building’s organizational function. A spoofed message or assumed identity can grant one access to spaces within the context of the building’s organization....😎😈

Posted by - Parth